Mexican Dessert Recipes and More

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Dessert recipes are everywhere aren’t they? Which ones do you try?

Let me share with you my very best dessert recipes. Below are the recipes I make for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentines Day, and other special occasions.

For Christmas my kids insist that I make peanut butter balls and mint brownie squares at a minimum. It’s just tradition.

Thanksgiving requires that I make apple and pumpkin pie. If I don’t, it’s just not Thanksgiving. Peanut butter balls also make a great Valentine gift.

Please enjoy my family favorites and who knows maybe you’ll start a family tradition too.

Let’s start off with some Mexican dessert recipes to compliment our Mexican food recipes. Then we will move into more traditional recipes because everybody loves dessert.

Flan – also called creme caramel. A delightfully creamy dessert that is surprisingly easy to make. It’s a delicious custard found in many Mexican restaurants and a great finish to a spicy Mexican meal.

Pumpkin Flan– Here is a nice variation to the caramel flan. This one is great garnished with a little whipping cream. Try this for your next Thanksgiving dessert.

Coffee Flan — Who can resist this delightful after dinner treat? Coffee and dessert all in one!

Cinnamon Tortilla Treat — An easy kid dessert recipe, that’s everyones favorite.

Bunuelos — A delicious fritter topped with sugar and cinnamon.

Mexican Wedding Cookies These will melt in your mouth with rich pecan flavor.

Almendrado — A beautiful light and refreshing dessert that resembles the Mexican flag.

Churros — Crispy on the outside, moist on the inside and covered with sugar and cinnamon. Includes a How-To video

Tres Leches Cake — Three Milks Cake- A very rich, delicious white cake. A must try! Includes a How-To video.

Sweet Tamales — Sweet Tamales- Will satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth. Made with cinnamon, walnuts, and chocolate. Don’t miss this one!

Special Recipes Plus My Family Favorites

Nana’s Pumpkin Chiffon Pie — A light chiffon pie perfect after a large holiday meal.

Peanut Butter Balls — Look out Reeces! These have peanut butter centers covered in creamy milk chocolate. Absolutely sinful.

World’s Best Toffee — They don’t get any better than this one. If you are concerned about watching your weight, don’t make this one. You won’t be able to stop eating it. Absolutely addicting.

Awesome Carrot Cake — Lil Sis’ Carrot Cake with luscious cream cheese frosting. You will fall in love with this one.

Robin’s Best Chocolate Chip Cookies — I used to make Toll House until a friend gave me this recipe. I use plenty of the best chocolate chips plus an ingredient not usually found in chocolate chip cookie recipes. Do a taste test and see how your family likes them. They disappear quick. Includes a How-To video

Mouth Watering Apple Crisp — So easy to make and delicous a la mode.

Creamy Blackberry Pie — This one is a 1st place winner at the Texas State Fair pie contest.

Pumpkin Bread — Very moist with a nice spice flavor. This ones a keeper.

Triple Layer Mint Brownie — A unique brownie recipe, my family tradition. Includes a How-To video

Apple Pie — With pictures and step by step instuctions.

Orange Jello Recipe — Some call this orange fluff. Elegant in a margarita glass.

If you love chocolate, and who doesn’t, you’ll want to check out the Best Chocolate Recipes Online for chocolate recipes, mousses, cakes, cookies, gateaux, drinks, muffins, brownies, cheesecakes, fondue recipes.

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