Mexican Chicken Recipes

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Try One Of These For Dinner Tonight

Mexican chicken recipes make for some delightful lunch and dinners. My recipes are delicious and easy to prepare. You will find a variety of chicken recipes to satisfy just about every Mexican food craving you may be having.

Before diving in please read my food handling tips for chicken to keep you and your family safe.

Food Handling Tips For Chicken

Rinse and pat chicken dry. You can actually rinse away some of the bacteria that may be present.
The safest way to defrost a frozen chicken is in the refrigerator. This method will take the longest, about 5 hours per pound. So plan on leaving a 3 to 4 lb. chicken overnight in the fridge. Remember to place a pan or dish underneath the chicken to catch any drips that will occur as the bird defrosts. You don’t want chicken juice to contaminate other food in your refrigerator.
Prevent cross contamination by being mindful of every surface/utensil the chicken/juices touch. From the point that you remove the wrapping on the chicken to even where you set the chicken, each surface/sink must be washed with soap and hot water.
Have two cutting boards, one for produce cutting and one for meat and fish. This too will help in preventing cross contamination.
It’s advisable to put a little bit of disinfecting bleach in your soapy water in the sink to wash the cutting board, knife, counter, and anything that has come in contact with the chicken.

Don’t forget to wash your hands too after handling the chicken before you touch any other foods.

You also might consider wearing disposable latex gloves if you have any cuts on your hands to avoid getting any bacteria in them.

So that’s it for my safety tips. This is the routine I follow and I’ve never gotten anyone sick. Use your best judgment and enjoy the recipes.

Some of our Mexican chicken recipes include how-to videos to help you in making our recipes. Check back as we will be adding more videos.

You can find more cooking videos here.


Mexican Chicken Recipes

Chicken Enchilada Recipe. You will learn with step by step instructions how to make the tastiest enchiladas.
Sour Cream Chicken Enchilada Recipe. You won’t find any canned soup in our recipe. Wonderful rich flavor you won’t want to miss.
Sizzling Chicken Fajitas. I will explain how to bring this dish to the table sizzling to impress your guests. Then just wait until they taste how delicious these are. Includes a how-to video.
Chicken Mole Recipe This is a delicious mole recipe with authentic flavor.
Chicken Tortilla Soup Try this recipe when the weather gets cold. Easy to make, especially when you use a rotisserie chicken.

Easy Chicken Enchilada Recipe Made with green chiles, Jalapeno Jack cheese, garlic and of course chicken.

Mamasita’s Chicken Enchiladas. Here is a great way to use up any of your chicken left-overs. Sent in by one of our readers.

Chipotle Chicken Breast. Delicious healthy recipe adapted from “Clean Eating Magazine”.

Enjoy the recipes.

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