New Recipe on Main Website

By : | 0 Comments | On : February 2, 2006 | Category : Uncategorized, Website Updates

I’d like to start today off with a funny food quote. “Give a man food, and he can eat for a day. Give a man a job, and he can only eat for 30 minutes on break.” – Lev L. Spiro

Here is the new addition to the main website. I recently added my homemade apple pie recipe to the main website. It comes with step by step pictures to show you how to make a homemade pie crust. Pictures really help to clarify the instuctions so there is nothing left to the imagination.

So if you have been putting off making your own homemade apple pie because you didn’t think you could make the crust, now there is no doubt that you can do it. Check out my recipe and surprise the family. If they like pie they will love this one. Don’t forget to pick up some vanilla ice cream.

If you have any questions about the recipe or how to do it, drop me a line and I will be happy to answer any questions.


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