Almendrado An Easy Mexican Dessert Recipe Website Update

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Have you ever tried Almendrado? This is a Mexican dessert recipe I have only recently become aware of. I was at a Bunko party for Cinco De Mayo and a lady brought this for everyone to try.

It’s incredibly light and full of almond flavor which I just love. Many people call this the Mexican Flag Dessert because the egg white layers are green, white and red. The red is really pink but you get the idea.

Next comes this nice thin custard sauce which is drizzled over the egg whites and toasted almonds are sprinkled all over. I really love this dessert and encourage you to try it.

I you are curious, have a look and see what this easy Mexican dessert recipe looks like.

Here is a couple of tips for the day: Put a lid on pots to speed up the heating process and boil liquids faster.

The next time you make oatmeal cookies, try toasting the oats for 12 to 15 minutes on a cookie sheet in a 350 degree oven for enhanced cookie flavor.

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