Cleaning Mushrooms, Fixing Burnt Spaghetti Sauce, Keep Cut Onion Fresh

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Sharon, a visitor to my site sent in these cooking tips. Enjoy.

Tip #1

A cheap baby hairbrush (can be bought at dollar stores) cleans mushrooms great–the soft bristles don’t scar up the mushrooms but are strong enough to remove the dirt. Cheaper than buying one of the fancy “mushroom” brushes seen in specialty stores.

Tip# 2

If you ever scorch your tomato sauce for spaghetti, lasagna, etc., add some coca cola (taste after adding a little at a time) and it will remove the scorched taste. Just be sure that you do not stir the bottom of the pot and add the burnt particles to the mixture. This was a real life-saver for me as I was getting ready to serve a crowd and didn’t have time to whip up another batch. A friend had told me about this tip and I really didn’t take her seriously until I had this catastrophe on my hands.

Thank you Sharon for sending these in.

Here is a tip of my own that I used recently.

Once an onion has been cut in half and you want to save it in the fridge, rub it with butter on the cut end and it will keep fresh longer and won’t smell up the fridge as much. Of course wrap the whole thing in saran wrap.

When you are ready to use the onion just thinly slice off the butter end.

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