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Hi, my name is Robin and I grew up in the Mexican food business. My family owned a Mexican restaurant where I was the cook for 10 years. I loved every minute of it. Well almost.:)

Seriously, I get great satisfaction serving people great food.

Still do in fact. And that's why I created this site.

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I can't exactly serve you up some great Mexican food but I can do the next best thing.
I can share my Mexican food recipes with you and show you how easy they are to make with detailed instructions.

I'm including more how-to cooking videos all the time to make it easier for you to make my recipes.

You will also get the benefit of the knowledgeI've gained from working in the restaurant business.

I am very selective in choosing recipes for this site. I personally make all the recipes shown here. They are kitchen tested and approved by myself, my family and friends. I think my neighbors are getting tired of Mexican food, if that's even possible.:)

My goal is to bring you quality recipes that you will want to refer to again and again. 

What I Will Teach You

Share Your Recipe
With Your Own Page On This Site.

The art of enchilada making. How to best soften, fill and roll enchiladas. I've got a great Mexican beef recipe to fill those enchiladas too.

Would you like some Mexican food recipes for refried beans and rice? I have found many to be a bit bland. I'm going to show you my little secret on how to get the most flavor into your refried beans without using unhealthy lard or bacon grease.

My Spanish rice recipe is easy, healthy and most importantly full of flavor.

Don't miss my chile verde recipe. It may take a few hours to simmer but this tender pork stew will tickle your taste buds.

Mexican Appetizers, Salsas
And Much More

We've got a few Mexican food recipes for appetizers worth checking out.

Start your meal with some velvety guacamole, warm Mexican artichoke dip, chicken quesadillas or Mexican cornbread to name a few.

How about a Mexican breakfast recipe? I've got a delicious egg, cheese, and chile casserole you might want to try out.

Did I hear you say salsa? Talk about a healthy dish. Yes I have a few salsa recipes for you to try, with more coming in the future.

I also don't want you to miss my most favorite dish I used to make when I was working in the restaurant. If you love tostadas check this out. You've never had one like this.

Other Tips

I also have a few kitchen tips for you. Want to learn how to get onion and garlic smell off your hands? Check out my cooking tips page for useful tips in the kitchen. Need help with doubling or halving a recipe? I have a page for measurement conversions to help you out.


You will notice some health tips sprinkled throughout this site. After I hit 40, I started getting more conscious about what I put in my mouth. and how my food is prepared. I will be including health tips you might find interesting and helpful.

I am going to have you eating good and healthy.

If you want to see, at a glance, all my Mexican food recipes, click on the recipe index on the left and you will find every recipe on this site.

Don't Miss The Blog

I also have a cooking blog you might want to check out. My entries cover just about anything related to food and cooking. I also post recipes, Mexican and others that my visitors send in to share as well as some of my very favorites. Don't miss these little gems.

Have a question, recipe to share, or a comment? Drop me a line. I'd love to hear what your favorite mexican food recipes are.

In the mean time, have a look around. I hope you get inspired and try some of my Mexican food recipes.

So throw on your apron and fire up the stove. We've got some cooking to do.

Thanks for stopping by,

Rockin Robin

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Made your apple pie recipe yesterday. Absolutely the best!! And no gap! Your spice mixture was just right.

I have the apple/corer/peeler and it made perfect slices in no time. Thank you so much for your wonderful step by step instructions and for the video. Much appreciated. Lucky me! :)

-B.A. from 

Hi! I just wanted to say that your tortilla recipe/video is pretty much the greatest thing ever! I'm a college student, so it's a really great/cheap thing to make. They're especially good with butter, honey, and brown sugar.

I just have to make sure my family doesn't find out I stopped using the family tortilla recipe! Ha! Thanks again!

-C.M. from 
Queens, New York

I just have to write to you and admit something! I'm preparing your spanish rice recipe at the moment AND....I want to thank you!

I had actually given up on making Spanish rice! No one, or no recipe, until YOURS, ever said to actually BROWN the rice so much.! I think thats the taste difference!

Thank YOU so much.  I followed your recipe exactly,..and it is absolutely wonderful!

-Martha MacDonald from 
Karlovac Croatia

Just to let you know that I found your website and love it. We have very limited Mexican produce in Australia and I am enjoying making your recipes.

I have made your enchilada sauce a few times now.  We all love it and have managed to find pinto beans at our central markets. Good Job. Well done.

-Wendy Sachse from 
Adelaide Australia

Rockin' Robin, you truly rock! I live in china right now, far, far away from my beloved Mexican food. Finding ingredients is hard enough, learning how to make everything from scratch no longer is with your recipes.

Though I've only tried your tortilla recipe, I will certainly be coming back to your site to make retried beans and Spanish rice!

My tortillas were awesome, best yet, thanks for giving us a night of Mexican food all the way over here in China!

-Erin from Santa Barbara, California

THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! I stumbled upon your website today as I searched the web for flour tortilla recipes. I made these just after viewing your video, and five of us devoured them.

SO DELICIOUS. And easy to make! I am most grateful to you for this simple, tasty recipe. Your video was a useful tutorial.

I've not attempted to make tortillas prior to making yours, though we often eat tortillas. We're vegetarians, so I was looking for a recipe which used canola oil instead of lard. You delivered. Merci.

-Frances Bolte

WOW! What a great website. Love how you show what to do and how it is supposed to look. Definitely in my favorites folder.

-Terri M from Florida Keys
Where good Mexican food is hard to find.

Just made your enchilada sauce recipe and that's what I've been looking for. I like the fact it has a little heat but not too much so my kids will eat it. Thank you for posting the recipe. i am turning leftover turkey into turkey enchiladas tonight but the star is really the sauce. Thanks again.

-Tony Starks, California