Authentic Carne Asada “STREET” Tacos

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Recipe submitted by Bruce Herder, Washington State.

First off I just want to mention that this recipe was sent in to me by Bruce Herder from Washington State. The following are his words.

With Carne Asada street tacos – it’s all about the meat.

Usually when I make this for family & friends, they’re begging for more LOL!

But before I begin, a little history …

Having been born in 1955 and raised in Southern California, there was no end to authentic Mexican food. Key word, being authentic.

And, having been to Mexico quite a few times during that time, I knew it was a whole different world between what I would consider ‘real’ Mexican tacos and ‘Americanized’ tacos. (As in NOT Taco Bell)

Anyway, having moved to Washington State (where there is a severe lack of any edible Mexican food) I soon realized that if I wanted awesomely tasty tacos, as I was used to, I was going to have to make them myself.

Thus began the journey and many, many experiments. I think I finally got it.

Now, before I get into all the ‘how and to’ of this recipe, I can’t emphasize enough, the importance of the meat.

Since real ‘street’ tacos are lacking of the usual 80% of ‘Americanized’ taco garnishment, the whole deal is in the flavor of the meat.

In other words, it’s all about the meat.

I’ve tried many types of meat, and, as others have beat me over the head with, the best meat to use is Skirt steak.

It is hands down, the best to use.

Now, that being said, you can also use flank steak. Flank has the same flavor and tenderness, but isn’t quite as marbleized as Skirt.

Plus you have to slice it up somewhat, first. Flank steak is a close 2nd, but use Skirt if you can get it.

Here in WA. State, Skirt steak can be hard to find, and certainly isn’t cheap.

(NOTE) Avoid the pre-packaged (and labeled as such) “Carne Asada” meat at Costco.

I have no idea what this cut of meat is, and to be fair, I have tried it on three different occasions. It always turned out like shoe leather.

Rockin Robin Makes Bruce’s Street Tacos

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INGREDIENTS For Street Tacos:

  • Meat (About 3 lbs)
  • Orange juice
  • One large white onion
  • Cilantro
  • Lime juice
  • Ground Cumin seed
  • Garlic
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • White corn tortillas


This marinade is what’s going to ‘make’ these tacos. It gives them the authentic ‘street’ taco flavor without adding globs of other things:


3-4 cups of orange juice (Enough to fully cover the meat in a freezer bag.

  • 1 tablespoon of lime juice
  • 1 tablespoon of ground cumin seed
  • 1 tablespoon of minced garlic (Fresh is always best, but sometimes I use the stuff that comes in a jar)
  • 1 tablespoon of finely chopped cilantro
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon pepper


Put marinade in a large freezer bag, along with the meat and get enough air out of the bag so the meat is completely in the marinade.

Now, so far as time, I’ve sometimes only marinated the meat for a few hours. Mostly though, I like to let it sit in the refrigerator for two days.

I’ve read that the citric acids break down the meat, and it does seem to be more tender the longer you let it sit.


There is nothing more than white onion and cilantro. Dice up a whole onion and mix in ¼ cup of chopped cilantro.


The only way to go on this is BBQ. Sear the meat on both sides and turn over regularly.

Skirt steak is sliced pretty thin, so it doesn’t take long to cook. Usually, you’ll want to cook till about medium done.

You may like you meat cooked a little more, and that’s fine because after cooking, it does take awhile to chop up the meat (Into fingernail sized pieces) and the meat cools down.

Re-heating the meat, after it’s all chopped, in the microwave cooks it just a tad more. After all, who wants tacos with cold meat?


White corn tortillas (In my humble opinion) are the best for tacos.

There are many ways to heat up tortillas and everyone has their favorite. But for what it’s worth, this is how I do mine.
Tear off two paper towels and fold. Wet the paper towels. Wring enough water out of them so they’re wet, but not dripping wet.

Wrap 4 tortillas up in the paper towels and heat in the microwave (high) for one minute.

They’ll come out hot, moist and very flexible. I use two tortillas per taco, so you’re getting two tacos out of this. Re-wet the towels between tortillas.

So, you’ve got your tortillas all set, just add meat and topping and prepare yourself for some awesomely authentic “Street” tacos! Enjoy!!

Rockin Robin, I made your rice again last night and my wife still can’t get over how good it is! There is a picture of it at the top. Thanks, Bruce.

Below Are Comments Sent In By Readers

l.a.street tacos are the best
by: Anonymous

tiny taco alhambra has the best for at least 35 years

Thanks for posting!!!
by: Anonymous

I’m a native southern Californian and we moved to Nevada. There is one place in town close to the Mexican food we we’re used to, but mostly everyone else is so so.

No one here uses cilantro in their salsa. Thanks for posting so we can make our own. I miss my Southern Californian Mexican food.

I know the market where we use to buy ours to grill marinaded theirs with pineapple juice… So good.

I will defiantly be trying this recipe out. Again thanks for fulfilling our Mexican food cravings😊😊😊

My feelings, thoughts and recipe
by: Anonymous

Are 100% in line with the posters. Except I am in North Idaho. I grew up in the Mission district of San Francisco and too, made numerous trips to Mexico.

This is a great recipe but I want to let you know you can use it for carnitas (pork shoulder) as well. I cook my 3# shoulder all day in the same way as the carne asada..then pull apart so its “shredded” and give it a last roast in oven.

Give it a try….I could live on street tacos forever.

by: Anonymous

What kind of oj?

by: Cher W

I’m trying this tonite for my daughter birthday celebration. I love authentic tacos .
Great Recipe!
by: Mooreman63

Thanks for the recipe. I am going to try it tonight.

I have lived in Cali, Arizona and all over the west coast and street tacos are the best.

This recipe is spot on! Don’t ever let the nay sayers get you down… is true that authentic vary’s from place to place and everyone’s recipe is more authentic than the next.

However, I like your recipe and it is just like the recipie I got from the food truck who sells one of the best street tacos here in Oregon.

Keep up the good work! Here’s to Taco Tuesday!!

OMG…This sounds so delicious!!
by: Monique

I cannot wait to try your recipe. Thank you for sharing.

White Corn???????????
by: Anonymous

Must be wedo tacos although the rest is true to “authentic”.

OJ? ok
by: jess

Been looking for a recipe for awhile. Lived in cali and didn’t need one. When we moved to lacey wa we lucked out with tacos la Fuente.. shabby run down bus on nisqually you have to stop and try!!!

Sadly we left our beloved bus behind and have found nothing but bland nastyness in hawaii :/.

Going to try this recipe next tuesday, our weekly taco night. Thanks!

Taco vs Taco
by: Anonymous

Some of you are assuming only one taco recipe is typical of all of Mexico.

Mexico is a large and diverse country, so is the food
and the way it is cooked. This is merely a recipe among many,
you can take it or leave it.

The person kind enough to share a recipe is just simply offering a version. None of you are being
forced to try it.

Yes, oranges and cabbage are used often in Mexican food.
Tacos in Baja are not the same as tacos in Talpa or Mexico City. Is there only one authentic recipe for Meatloaf in the United States?

by: Susan in Newport

Reading some of your other comments irritated me no end.

Just like the United States, Mexico has different regional foods and recipes. One region may not use orange juice whereas another may. However, if you haven’t tried this recipe why even comment on the ingredients?

I recently moved away from Kennewick, Washington where I bought tacos frequently from Tony’s Taco Truck (amazing food) and looked online for a comparable recipe. I wanted a similar flavor and with this recipe I found it.

I use pork instead of beef and saute’ the meat in a cast iron skillet and it comes out so flavorable! I also use different toppings, cabbage, onion, lime and sometimes tomato (that’s how Tony fixed his) and I agree, the meat is the secret to good street tacos. Without it, it’s not worth eating and I know this since I tried many recipes before finding this one.

Try it before you diss it.

Good Marinade
by: baydog

Great recipe, I have used O.J for years after a trip to Mexico, I asked the woman there to write the recipe down for me.

I do add tons of garlic and 1/2 cup A-! steak sauce for that amount of O.J….whaa did he say?…A-! steak sauce!!! Dont forget the peppers.

Grilling tortillas is great. pan on stove good, microwave if you in a hurry. Keep up the good work and ignore these rude wannabee taco cooks.

To the morons who have never eaten authentic Mexican in Washington you are either deaf, dumb, lazy or blind. Try again… I live in San Diego CA and I dig good Mexican!!

Yours and Mine
by: Anonymous

After reading most of these comments, I am left thinking the same thing I have thought for 18 years. The type of mexican food that people are used to depends on the area you grew up in.

I am from south western Arizona and this recipe sounds spot on. I have had ok carne asada and then I have Gary kind.

I will be using this recipe because mainly it sounds like home carne asada . I’m sure the Mexican food in wa is wonderful to the person that grew up with that type of ” mexican food “… Thank you for sharing this with us.

by: Jim

I lived in SoCal for years in a predominantly hispanic neighborhood… it was always fun on Saturdays – whoever fired up the grill first hosted the block party!

Everyone brought what they had… handmade tamales, handmade tortillas, Carne, de lengua, fresh pico, the list goes on… and of course plenty of Corona’s to wash it all down.

As far as “authentic” goes, lots of different traditions. OJ? sure; Pineapple juice? yup…

I miss those days!

I moved to TN… most folks around here think Mexican food is either taco bell or the americanized Mexican restaurants that serve overly seasoned ground beef in a variety of tortillas… same ingredients in different shells on a blistering hot plate and a side of beans from a can… so sad!

Mexican food in WA
by: Cece

For authentic Mexican food & ambience try Tacos Guayamas in Tacoma.

by: Tes

I can’t wait to try your recipe. My son was stationed in San Diego and I had the best tacos I’ve ever had in my life there. Thank you for sharing.

Great Authentic Carne & Pollo Asada Marinade
by: Adolph J

Also from Brawley, Ca. Many of my relatives use this marinade. A good suggestion is to let the marinade do it’s magic for 24 hrs before putting on the grill.

Once a year I go back to my home town to experience the great “street tacos” in many local restaurants. I use get the same flavor in the “street tacos” in Mexicali, B.C.

For all those who haven’t tried this marinade, I say “go for it”. Its a great crowd pleaser. Thank you for a great memory. I use this marinade on Pollo Asada too.


Street Tacos
by: Pedro

I recently moved to New Zealand where every attempt of Mexican food is a total fail. Today I had “street tacos” from a food truck….he used ground beef – need I say more? Anyway, I’ve read all the comments and regarding the use of OJ, why does nobody who disagrees with it use tell us what instead to use?

I agree that “authentic” is subjective and you’ve got to use what you can get. By the way a lime costs about $1.50 here and white corn tortillas are $7 for 16 tortillas, so if you live in the US be happy about your prices. I’m going to try this marinade tonight and will report back soon. All the best!

Washington – Stick to seafood.
by: Brian

Been in Washington State for 2 years now and sorry to the commenters that think there is a ton of great Mexican food here. There is maybe 2 places I would say have a good full menu. 1 of them just opened up a week ago.

The problem is, that you get partial menus. One place will have a decent burrito but their fajitas suck. It’s definitely nothing like Southern California where I was raised. If you think Washington state has ‘good’ Mexican food you’re simply hallucinating from the contact high and too many margaritas.

My wife’s recipe also relies on Skirt Steak and Orange slices in the marinade. The key we find is to get a good marinade in, if we are in a hurry (under 24 hours) I vacuum pack the meat to pull the juice in.

Comment On Comments
by: m1814

Reading all the comments to date. It looks like presenting an “authentic carne asada taco” recipe is like presenting an authentic chili recipe. Everybody has their own idea on what is “authentic” and all others are by morons and idiots.

Authentic? Your Choice
by: So cal

What’s authentic varies greatly on the region of Mexico you’re in. So all these people complaining of authenticity are stupid.

This recipe is just fine, BUT THE KEY IS “FRESH” CITRUS. Whether its lime, lemon, grapefruit, orange, whatever. The enzymes required to break down the meat are lost in the pasteurization process. So bottled juice is useless.

Also unnecessary sweetness is added. Just buy the fruit and squeeze the juice, and don’t marinate too long 24 hrs is MAX.

Authenticity Is Subjective
by: John

Ok, so I’m Mexican and I have to say that “authentic Mexican food” is subjective. Furthermore, alot of the best Mexican cooks are white(Rick Bayless and Diane Kennedy to name a couple).

The reason cooking Mexican food can be so enjoyable is because it’s so easy to make. So try out different recipes to see which you like best– then tinker with it to your liking.

Lastly, great website btw!

Yes some Mexicans use oj
by: Anonymous

It’s very common to put some oj in the marinade; hell many Mexicans even put a little beer. Authentic is in the eye of the beholder.

I’d say the common factors of a taco in mx is that they have 1. Corn tortilla 2. Onion and cilantro 3. Squeeze of lime 4. Some salsa depending on what kind of taco. 5. That’s it there’s only 4

If you want to really enhance the flavor, use REAL MESQUITE CHARCOL. Flap meat is another great cut for carne asada.

No Orange Juice
by: A Flores

As a 15 year culinary chef, I’ve held many positions and jobs in the food service industry.

I am currently a Sous Chef at a well known Los Angeles restaurant. I spent about 5 years as a Suacier and a Grillardin as well.

Using OJ as part of the marinade is one of many methods to make carne asada. The authenticity of a marinade is subjective.

My favorite marinade for carne asada is red chile based. Although a lot more goes into the marinade then garlic and cilantro.

With the OJ based marinade, try blending some tomatillos in with it. Fantastic.

Also, if you’re making tacos, never…..and I mean never microwave the tortillas. That is the biggest no no. It takes the same amount of time to heat them up the right way on a griddle. That gives you that perfect level of crunchy malleable goodness.

Slight Alteration
by: Mark

I live in Dallas and we have more than our share of authentic street taco vendors which I frequent at lest a couple of times a week, so I decided to give this recipe a shot.

The first time I did I followed the recipe to the T and while it was okay, it wasn’t really authentic, so the second time I made it I substituted pineapple juice instead of the orange juice, and it was much closer to authentic, although still a little off.

The orange juice just makes it to sweet for my taste.

Taco Win
by: Julio

All these people talking about what is or isn’t authentic but I see no Mexicans talking.

Marinades are always optional. You can tailor the marinade to fit your taste. However, an authentic Mexican taco never requires more than cilantro and white onion as a topping garnished with a bit of lime or some salsa.

Authentic Haha
by: sancho

After being born and raised in El Paso TX and spending many, nights on the streets of Juarez, and many, many days working with its inhabitants, the idea of an “authentic” street taco is humorous.

I’ve had street-cart tacos that came with cheese and red salsa, or with cabbage and green salsa, or simply soaked in a watery red salsa with some pico on the side, or with just cilantro and onion.

Everybody has their own way of doing it. Saying this recipe isnt authentic is like saying my homemade bbq sauce isnt authentic because i didnt make it in the kitchen of famous St.Louis. bbq joint…. silly.

Street Tacos
by: dll

I made Carne Asada tonight. I used a “Carne Asada” seasoning on my meat. Will try your recipe next time.

People can be so nasty on these sites. Good luck and thanks for posting.

by: Anonymous

Loved this recipe. Wanted to comment on the use of OJ. In New Mexico, lots of people use OJ to cook carne asada, carne adovada, etc.

Also, here and down south in El Paso and Juarez, carne asada is served just like this… Only often times people will grill green onions and serve them with the steak whole or on the tacos.

People commenting
by: Anonymous

Most on this site think fastfood burgers are good and never been to Mexico or even have friends from Mexico. So being that these jerks talking trash can eat their trash.

by: Happy

Everyone has their own take on cooking these. By the way, I’m also a Southern California to Washington transplant, and let me say, the Mexican food in WA is repulsive (give or take a couple of places). You should go live elsewhere before you comment) Trying this recipe out as I type! 🙂

So Glad to find your recipe
by: Anonymous

My step-mother and step-sister also grew up in Brawley. I don’t have their recipes but sure enjoyed the authentic mexican food as a child!!

Hard to find these recipes in Iowa where I have grown up & live. Making this recipe and marinating overnight to share with my son on his 16th birthday and so thankful to have stumbled across this!

Western WA?
by: Anonymous

Must be, because Eastern WA has a rich variety of “authentic” Mexican food between the immigrants and migrant workers.

Thanks For Sharing Your Knowledge
by: Anonymous

I’m mexican and I can tell you in Mexico we have many different ways to make a marinade. Every family has a secret recipe for that.

Don’t worry about those comments that people do because TACO MEANS JUST `WRAPED` even we call taco a tortilla with only salt inside.

And yes we use orange or any kind of citrus in our recipe marinades. We use cabbage too sometimes it depends of the area in Mexico.

You can check recipes from yucatan mexico. They use ALWAYS orange( sour ) in their recipes.

by: Anonymous

Some people leave such rude and ruthless comments! I love this recipe!

The orange juice is acid which breaks down the beef. Not to make it orange flavored!!

I have lived in Central then southern California my entire life. The Mexican population is higher than Caucasian in these particular areas.

I grew up eating off taco trucks and taquerias. These tacos are spot on. The meat is so delicious. Makes me feel at home every time I eat them!

Thank you!

by: Mur Maes

This is my absolute favorite meal and I just moved to Germany and they’re nowhere to be found.

Bless you for this recipe!

Now I can enjoy them during or stay here!!

We would like to reprint
by: Focus on Mexico

Hola Mr. Herder,

First of all, let me tell you how much I enjoy your recipes. I live in Mexico, and we love trying them.

I am manager of operations for Focus on Mexico, a company that offers seminars regarding health, real estate, immigration systems, etc., for people contemplating moving to Mexico in general, and specifically, the Lake Chapala area of Mexico…
We would like very much to reprint this article in our newsletter:

“Authentic Carne Asada “STREET” Tacos”

Below is a copy of our last newsletter. It has a readership of about 5,000 subscribers. What we would like to do is reprint your article with your permission. The first paragraph or so would appear in our newsletter, which would send the reader to the web page on our web site. Your entire article would be there with a link at the bottom to your web page where the article appeared.

Our newsletter publishes the first weekend of the month, which, in August, will be around August 1.

Thank you for your consideration of this request. We look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,
Karen McConnaughey

by: Woofa

“Anyway, having moved to Washington State (where there is a severe lack of any edible Mexican food)”

Seriously buddy, you are clueless. I live in WA state also. There’s no shortage of authentic Mexican here, none at all.

You just not get out much. Maybe you should stick to Taco Bell. BTW, it’s NOT all about the meat.

by: Woofa

Having spent decades eating authentic Mexican these aren’t even close. What planet do you live on?

The very first clue is that your totillas are dry and straight from the package. The second clue is orange. Seriously where do you get off calling this authentic? This is a joke.

Carne Asada Tacos
by: Eddie

I am from Brawley also. Born and raised yes we do know our tacos that’s for sure.

I as well get great tacos when I go home. I live in San Diego but as we’ll go to TJ . Orange juice does help and I’ve seen it done by a guy preparing the meat and he is from Mexicali so yes that is one authentic way coming from someone from Mexico.

Tacos are so delitious .

Definitely NOT TJ Style
by: Roy Gloria

Having consuming thousands of TJ street tacos of every ilk, tripe, cabesa, carne, etc, I assure you this is NOT a TJ style taco.

We do not marinade in OJ, no way, no how. Also toppings consist of more than onion and cilantro.

Usually a spicy pico de gallo or a more pureed red salsa and guacamole. Lime wedges are always available for a squeeze as well.

Sides include radishes and green onions, and wash it back with a Corona. That IS the TJ taco experience!

authentic doesn’t include orange juice
by: Anonymous

It was ok, I thinking this is how they make tacos in california. I’ve had authentic tacos in mexico and oregon and orange juice was not in the recipe. I will never use this again. Orange juice and mexican don’t go together. disapointed.

by: Roxy

I was a bit skeptical marinating high grade fajita flank skirt in orange juice. I marinated the meat with everything including the oj for 6 hours then cooked them up.

Wow the end result were truly delicious. I can’t thank you enough for this recipe my own Mexican family are proud that they taste like authentic street tacos. OJ is the secret this is exciting can’t wait to grill them on the grill.

Much love.

Go with what you can get…
by: Rambler

With beef prices blasting through the roof, I have learned to prep whatever I can get for less than five bucks a pound into passable taco meat.

Truly, the key is the marinade, and grilling it over charcoal. “Authenticity” is simply a function of what is locally possible, and doesn’t really weigh as much as some might say.

The point is to make something fresh and delicious, and try to stay true to the spirit of the original dish, using what materials and skills you have available.

In short, in some locations, “authenticity” is an unnecessary luxury. My tacos are always a big hit, and I will post a flexible recipe soon.

Re: Cabbage
by: Whitey

If you use the “Tri Color” cabbage mix it is soo much better than lettuce if your headed that route. Marinate the shreded mix in a little white wine vineager and salt. Don’t drown the mixture just enough for a little taste. The cabbage is much more sturdy and enhances the texture of the taco.

Authentic? yeah, NO ! Fricken good? oh yeah! You be the judge.

Also the cut of meat preferred by the carnicera’s is “ranchera” or “Flap” steak cut. it’s a beef steak cut. It comes from a bottom sirloin butt cut of beef, and is generally a very thin steak.

I’m fortunate to live in an area blended with all cultures and as a result can dine around the world in a pretty small radius.
Native Californian
SF Bay Area

About time!
by: El Oso

I spent many years in El Centro. First in the military, then later working at El Centro Regional Medical Center.

As another comment said, this recipe is as close to Kennedy’s and El Sol’s as I have found. I now live in Montana and have Kennedy’s ship carne asada shipped here for special occasions.

Thanks to your recipe I can now save on shipping! Muchas Gracias!

Awesome Street Tacos
by: Anonymous

Prepared exactly as the recipe was written. The flavor of the meat was great! We will definitely make again!

You must live on the WEST side of Washington
by: Anonymous

You must live on the west side of Washington state because there are plenty of great places to get Mexican food and ingredients on the east side. Yakima, Wapato, Toppenish, Sunnyside, Wenatchee….pretty much anywhere you see apple orchards. I just went to the store over here and got everything I needed after talking to a guy whose carne asada is soooo tasty! He just uses lime and meat seasoning for carne asada plus some pepper on his meat…marinates it for about 20 min. Cooks it on his gas grill…along with the tortillas.
I have never heard of any Mexicans using orange juice to marinate their meat, so not sure how “authentic” this recipe is. I know that everyone has their own variation….how they cook the meat, what they marinade it in, and how they heat up their tortillas, and what garnish they add….it all comes down to: if you like it, then great…but just be careful with the word “authentic” because that can stir up a lot of controversy.

Not Mexican at all
by: Anonymous

This recipe is not prepared in a Mexican way, it’s more like “American” way. Just by the way you marinade the meat in Orange juice makes it not that “Authentic” usually in mexico they just add garlic salt, lemon juice, pepper, and alittle bit of cilantro. Also, the tortillas are not heated in the microwave they heat them in a ‘comal’ or the grill where the meat was cooked. They never add lettuce or cheese, people usually prepare their tacos with a very hot salsa, sliced radish, or just simply with lemon and salt. Sometimes at taco shops they give you a bowl of fresh pinto beans to serve with your tacos or cucumbers with lemon and salt, or cebollitas.

For REALLY authentic street tacos
by: Anonymous

i’ve never made street tacos, but I sure have eaten a lot of them and seen how they are are made.

First of all I’ve never seen any street taco place in Mexico use a barbq grill, they use large skillets (comal), and they oil them up before throwing the meat on.

Second, the tortillas are heated up in the same oil that was used to cook the meat. Cilanthro, onion, lemon, and green or red hot sauce are added to the taco to the taste of each individual taco eater.

A new Tradition for 4th generation
by: Anonymous

I’m Mexican (American of Mexican decent) yet for some odd reason carne asada tacos were not made in our home…I have heard my mom tell me how poor they were while growing up so maybe they couldn’t afford steak?

Anyhow, thank you for giving me a new tradition (cooking lesson) I can teach my son so he may continue to pass on one of my favorite flavors of life in San Jose, CA. Mexican Bar-B-Que backyard, 49er tailgate time, summer Q, camping, anytime Que… its a part of life in Cali. Muchos Gracias

Melissa DLC

by: Anonymous

The orange juice makes the meat way too sweet. I don’t know what street tacos you’ve had but street tacos in Mexico do NOT taste like this. Sorry.

Carne Asada Lover!
by: Anonymous

I could almost cry. I grew up in Brawley,CA (near El Centro, Glamis, Calexico, Mexicali…) and moved away from home at a fairly early age.

I’ve lived in SoCal my whole life. Whenever I came home for a visit my father would go all out and make some carne asada for me.

My mother would make some guacamole and I’d eat my fill as the meat came right off the grill.

My father passed away some years ago and of course this brings back special memories. My recipe (my Dad’s really) is very similar to yours and I’m going to give it a try.

I must agree the secret is the meat you use and how long you let it marinate.

The Great Tortilla Debate..
by: Anonymous

Well, all due respect and all, but I’ve gotta disagree with you both…

A: If you want tortillas with tons of flavor, you’ll never get it with ‘Mission/XXXXXXX-whatever)gotta make your own.. ;^)
It’s like expecting Wonder Bread to taste like fresh-baked deli sourdough or rye if you massage it just right…

B:That being said,yes, I’ve had tortillas heated different ways, Six-Ways-to-Sunday… (BTW, I’ve seen ‘real’ Mexicans heat them up over an open flame on a gas range) And while all work, my method heats the tortilla and puts enough moisture in it to make it super flexible and not fall apart…

To each his/her own I guess… ;^)

How much OJ?
by: Bill

Three to four cups or 3/4 cup.

Sounds great! I used to get carne asada burritos at a little taco stand in Imperial Beach, CA. No beans, no rice, no guac, no salsa. Just meat and some veggies (I believe chismol) wrapped in a flour tortilla.

So excited!
by: Cori B

I too grew up in El Centro, CA and my stepfamily lived in Mexicali. I have tried everything I can think of to make good carne and nothing has worked! The sound of all these ingredients reminds me of Kennedy’s Karne marinade back home. Sto stoked to make these tomorrow night!

What part of the state???
by: Anonymous

You refer to WA state in as a very broad category. Just wondering what part of the state you live in??? In Central Washington the street tacos are rocking.

Thanks Melvin (And others!)
by: Anonymous

I’m making this tonight as a matter of fact… (Along with Rockin’ Robin’s awesome rice ;^)
Also, homemade re-fried beans and homemade chips…
Have some friends visiting from Montana, and hope to knock their socks off ;^D

Awesome Carne Asada Street Tacos!
by: Melvin

I am an over the road truck driver, and I love the street tacos when I make it to Texas or California.

I am now a local driver and don’t have the chance to get the good tacos, until I found this recipe.

I have used this marinade on beef and chicken, and it always comes out great.

I steam my tortillas since i don’t own a microwave(don’t believe in using them). I always impress guests who come over when I am serving tacos.

I’m Guessing
by: Linda

Based on everyone else’s comments, I am VERY excited to try this recipe. Mexican food is my absolutely fave.

After living in San Diego for 6 years and having “street” tacos in Tijuana, I was hooked for life!

The absolutely best. 2 white corn tortillas, grilled jalapenos and the “salsa” used was a very thin avocado, guacamole.

We are having a Mexican evening for a girlfriend this weekend (a first) and I’m thrilled to have found this.

Oh yeah, having moved to the east coast – they have no idea what good Mexican food is.

Street Tacos
by: Anonymous

This recipes was excellent!! my husband has me making it with pork tonight!!! Definately should try!!!!

Missing home

Can not wait to try this!!! I’ve been missing home so much lately. Lived in the central valley near Merced area, born and rised for 15 years, then moved to the east coast of the states and I’m always missing the best Mexican food ever!

I live in the middle east of the world now so trips back home to the good taco trucks can be a very long trip! Can’t wait to see how this tastes!

Best Eva!!
by: Anonymous

I used to live just about 15 miles from the border in El Centro CA and I would always look up recipes for authentic Mexican tacos and finally, I found one. Great tacos and burritos i couldn’t ask for more

by: Bruce Herder

Yeeeow! Cabbage? On tacos? Really?
LOL! I’ve seen/eaten a lot of different garnishments on tacos, but cabbage is a first for me… Hahaha …. For some reason that just sounds like a ‘What’s wrong with this picture’ kinda’ thing ;^)

by: Anonymous

Grew up in the Fresno area so appreciate the thumbs-up on this recipe. Will make tonight!

I’m Going To Give These Tacos A Whirl!
by: Anonymous

I live near Fresno, CA. And they (taco trucks) also mix chopped up cabbage on top, along with onion, garlic and a squeeze of lime.

Then they’ll have a pico de gallo sauce in a cup on the side if you’d like to heat it up. 🙂

But they still won’t give up their secrets! haha

Thanks for the Kudo’s!
by: Anonymous

Thanks Alicia!

Appreciate your comments ;^)
However, I disagree about the addition of salsa. (I mean, hey, you can add whatever you want ;^)

Anyway, having lived in So. Cal between L.A. and San Diego at various points, for 45 years … And having been to TJ, Mexicali, Ensenada, Acapulco and Cancun… I’ve yet to see a real ‘Street Taco’ with salsa on it. And the marinade should be enough to give it just the right amount of ‘citrus’ taste without anything else…

But like I say, try it out and if you wanna add to your own taste, hey, everybody likes what they like ;^)

(Just please don’t do what my wife’s cousin’s dad did… I prepped a whole weekend once to make these … and the guy dumped KETCHUP all over my awesome tacos! ARRRRGH!!
So promise me … LOL!)

The Only Thing Missing Is Salsa!
by: Alicia

I grew up in So Cal and now live in N. Wisconsin. Talk about a lack of authentic Mexican food.

Your recipe sounds awesome! I must say the only thing I think its missing is the Salsa and a slice of limon.

Every time I’ve been to Mexico thats the way I loved the street Tacos. Thanks for sharing your recipe!

Comment from Rockin Robin:

Thanks Alicia for sending in your comment. I think you are right about the salsa.

Thanks Barbrea!
by: Bruce Herder

I’m glad you find them tasty ;^) My sons can’t get enough of these! When they both come home for Spring Break from college next week, I KNOW I’m gonna be spending a lot of time behind the grille ..
(Like I don’t love it to begin with ;^D )

Sooo Good!
by: Barbrea

I first had these in a restaurant, and wanted to make them at home. your recipe is so easy and tasty. It is now a go-to recipe in my collection!

by: Anonymous

Bill, thanks for the Five Star! Hope you and the Mrs. enjoy what took me quite a few attempts to figure out ;^)
Enjoy and invite some friends!

Finally, Real Mexican Food That We Are Use To
by: bill

Finaly real Mexican food that we are use to. I grew up in Ontario but I miss living in Mexico.

For the 10 years as a kid that I did live there, I had Mexican food branded in me. This recipe souds just like the carne asada that I tried here in Leamington Ontario but way better and purer like the meat and tortillas you have here.

Awesome recipe. I’m so glad I found this website and its time to start cooking some real food.

It’s gonna “wow” my wife too since she has never had really good mexican food.

Thank you so much Rockin Robin,
From Bill Wiebe in Tilbury Ontario.

Comment from Rockin Robin
Thanks Bill. This carne asada recipe does sound delicious.

Yum! Also, The Best Way To Heat Tortillas
by: Anonymous

Sounds really good. The best way to warm tortillas up is on a flat pan. It just tastes better. Heating the tortillas in the microwave just doesnt taste good in my opinion and alot of mexicans don’t like it either.

***Comment from Rockin Robin –
I agree with you. There is just something about using a comal or other cast iron pan to heat tortillas. The tortillas get a little brown too if you leave them on long enough which somehow adds to the flavor. They seem more authentic.

I talk a lot about using a “tortilla oven” and I think those fabric tortilla warmers are pretty neat. You put a stack of tortillas in it and throw it in the microwave to heat.

The beauty is they stay hot for an hour. This is great if you are having a party.

I think you can still incorporate using the tortilla oven and heating the tortillas on a pan. So let’s say you are having a party and you need a lot of tortillas hot and ready to go for your guests.

Simply heat your tortillas on a pan, heck have two pans going. Put the hot ones in the fabric tortilla oven. When it’s full put it in the microwave for just 15 to 20 seconds just to heat things up a bit and you get both the flavor and hot tortillas that stay warm.

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