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July 4, 2006 21:19 - Mom and Dad's 55th Wedding Anniversary Party - Let's decorate

Next Saturday my parents will be celebrating their 55th wedding anniversary and us kids are giving them a party. We were going to have a small party maybe 15 to 18 people but now it's going to be about 35 to 40.

My brother will be hosting the party at his house and no it's not a surprise. My mom's health is not that great so we decided to tell my parent's about it and let them invite who ever they want. We do have to keep the number of people to probably no more than 40 due to the size of my brother's house.

So let's talk about decorating today and continue later with all the details of the party. Hopefully you can get a few hints or ideas that might be useful for you and your next party.

Teri, my sister and Debbie, my sister-in-law and I went shopping a couple of days ago for decorations. We decided to visit the dollar store. This is great place to shop for inexpensive decorations. For example we bought ribbon at 100 yards for a dollar.

At first we thought we would just do the wedding anniversary theme and picked up some silver and gold ribbon, a golden Happy Anniversary sign, and white, silver and gold balloons. But that quickly changed when we came upon, you guessed it, the Mexican theme.

We all quickly agreed that we would incorporate a Mexican theme because of our restaurant background and we were planning to have Mexican food. It would be perfect. My parents will get a big kick out of it.

Mom and dad may know about the party but we are keeping the food and decorations a surprise. We are also
keeping a couple of guests from out of town a surprise too. As long as mom doesn't read my blog all will be good. :=)

So here is the plan for decorating. We are going to start with the ribbon. We will cut it about 2 to 3 feet long and then take the scissors and curl it. We will tape it to the ceiling and let it hang down. Chris my brother has 10 foot ceilings so we can make the ribbon longer without it getting into peoples way.

This job will take a while to put in place as we will hang lots of ribbon from the ceiling with tape. But the look is really cool and makes for a festive look. Hopefully I will be able to post pictures of it. We bought some chili pepper decorations that hang from the ceiling as well.

We will hang some wedding bells, the anniversary sign and the other Mexican wall decorations we bought.

We are also going to have a guest book so everyone can write something to my parents and sign the book.
This table will have a cluster of 3 helium balloons and maybe some flowers on it too.

I believe the last part of our decorating will be 2 or 3 poster boards with pictures of the past that my mom will pull out of her photo albums. People really seem to enjoy reminiscing while looking at old pictures. We will attach these to the walls around the house so people can view them without crowding in one place.

This pretty much wraps up our decorating plans so far. I have to check back with Debbie because she is really creative when it comes to decorating. Like I said I hope to post some pictures.

Another thought I had was to play a quiz game. If I have time to prepare it I will make up questions about my mom and dad and probably the restaurant and other stuff of course and see who can answer the most questions correctly. The winner will win a prize. Since I just thought of this I have to think about what the prize will be. I think our guests will enjoy this.

Debbie is also a professional cake decorator and will be making the wedding cake for the party. I can't wait to show you pictures of that.

I will try to post again within a day or two about the rest of the party.

Later this week I will tell you what kinds of food we will be serving and how we will serve it.

I'm really excited that we will be using Chris' chocolate fountain for dessert. I've written about his chocolate fountian
before if you would like to know more. It will be perfect for this size party. We love it because guests can serve themselves.

So check back soon.

I have jury duty tomorrow so I will be doing my civic duty.


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July 8, 2006 22:56 - Decorations and Cake For The 55th Anniversary Party

We had mom and dad's anniversary party today and all went well except for one big thing. Mom couldn't attend the party because of her health. She has copd and caught a cold yesterday. She felt so bad she just couldn't make it.

My brother, sister and I talked it over and decided that since we had bought all the food and family and friends had traveled so far, we would go ahead with the party. Fortunately my dad was able to come and visit with everyone. Many relatives and friends did go visit my mom at her home to give her their best and say hi.

I wanted to contiue and tell you more about how we did the party. I took a picture of how we decorated with the ribbon but the picture doesn't seem to do it justice. It really does look neat in person with the ribbon hanging from the ceiling. The more ribbon you put up the more the dramatic the affect.

The Wedding Cake

I mentioned the other day that Debbie was going to make the cake so I wanted to show you what she came up with. She was able to take a photograph of mom and dad and turn it into an edible (made of sugar) top.

The bottom layer was white cake with strawberry filling for dad.

The top layer was lemon cake with
lemon filling for mom.

The frosting was a whipped cream frosting.

Debbie came up with the wording on the cake which fit in with the chili pepper theme. Don't you love those
chile peppers on the cake?

Beautiful job Debbie.

Not only did it look great it
was delicous.

I will write again soon to talk about the food we served at the party.

Have a great day,


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